Assessor’s Office Digital Data


Tax Numbers are arbitrary numbers assigned to complex and/or lengthy metes and bounds property descriptions for use as a convenient property description reference for assessment purposes.  Assessment notices and parcel ownership records use this reference number for “Legal Description” identification purposes.   The Legal Description identification may also include the more common subdivision Lot and Block description, and/or a portion of a section of land.


Each year, the numbers with their respective descriptions are filed with the County Recorder for public reference purposes, as provided for in the Idaho Code.


The following link will direct your browser to a subdirectory of Tax Numbers organized within multi-page TIFF image files (having a .tif file extension), each file containing 100 scanned Tax Numbers (please note that an individual Tax Number description may be several scanned pages).  Most PC operating systems include an image viewing program capable of viewing and paging through these files.


Example: To reference Tax Number 13579, you would open file 13500.tif, and page through the file to (approximately) page 79.



How to Access the Tax Number Documents

The Tax Number documents are located on a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site which is no longer supported in most modern browsers.  The data can be accessed using Windows File Explorer or equivalent program.  To use Windows File Explorer, simply enter the FTP url below into the address line and hit enter.  For an example click here.


FTP Site Url