Kootenai County G.P.S. control and section corner data is available by referring to Kootctrl and to township/range GPS directories. There are two specific directories dedicated to G.P.S. field data and image files associated with the specific monuments used in the data collection process. Both the *.FOP and *.PTS files are ASCII text files which can be read with any text reader such as Windows Notepad or Wordpad. The *.FOP files contain the original field data, with information regarding control stations used in the post-processing. The *.PTS files are the resulting state plane coordinates and orthometric elevations. The associated image files are found in the sub-directory "Image" and are *.jpg files with the township/range and CPF number that corresponds to the *.PTS file "SITE" name. Please keep in mind that the imaging technology was not available in the early phases of the G.P.S. collection process, so if you are unsure of the monument occupied, contact the Kootenai County Surveyor.

6/20/2000: Koot21.pts is a compilation of all GPS Ctrl work, including special projects such as the CdA/Kootenai County City Impact Project, the Post Falls/Kootenai County Joint GPS Project, Cataldo and Powderhorn Bay projects, and the Avista/Kootenai County Joint Photo Control Project.

Horizontal coordinates are NAD83(1992) adjustment, and height as shown on the *.pts files are NGVD1929 orthometric elevations.

Refer to the *.fop file for horizontal and vertical control used for each *.pts file. These are indicated as FFF for northing, easting, and elevation control; FF for horizontal control only; and F for vertical control only.

NOTE: Do not use the "PRELIMINARY COORDINATES" as shown on the *.FOP files, but refer to later in the *.FOP report to the "ADJUSTED POSITIONS" section for adjusted latitude, longitude, and orthometric elevations.

Refer to kootbase.dwg along with kootctrl.dwg in kccsdata\kootctrl\dwg for an AutoCad Map 2 (R14) drawing file, showing vectors for control and for individual townships. As noted on the map, DO NOT use end of lines to determine coordinates. They have changed, and will continue to change as new/additional control is added to the drawing file. Refer to the .PTS and .FOP files for the latest coordinate values.

Concurrent with this project, I am working on metadata for kootctrl, particularly with site identification and photographs of monuments and accessories. If you have questions contact me at your convenience.

Bruce Anderson, L.S.

Kootenai County Surveyor

Last Updated: 3/18/2004